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Sometimes all we want is to cuddle a fluffy purring cat in our cozy bed and forget about everything that disturbs us, like work or study. College tasks and schedules can make anyone go crazy, not just teens who only enter their adulthood. With this in mind, was set up as a trustworthy company that helps students deal with troublesome home tasks. The name says it all: getting academic writing help from them equals in comforting power to cuddling and petting three cats for two hours. Or two cats for three hours. Whatever. They value your time and grades as well as their reputation on the market, so do everything to ensure that you get the perfect essays for the acceptable price just in time to hand them in safely. And they want you to feel your inner cat purr happily.

The Question of Prices 

Let’s start with MeowEssay price calculation. A good essay cannot cost less than $10 per page if you consider writer’s share, compensation for a team, and maintenance costs. This is the starting point for the lower levels of complexity and education. Like, an essay for high school to be completed in about ten days. From this, add up growing complexity and shrinking deadlines, and you arrive at approximate costs per page. Think $14 per page for college and $16 for university, and you see the right costs of good work. This is the scheme they use to calculate your order pricing; everything is transparent and mentioned upfront. Hence, at, you do not face any hidden charges afterward.

Beware of pricing begins at $2-3. Imagine what the writer’s payment is (and what his or her writing skills are) and what kind of support and service you get for a remaining dollar. You’d better not risk that much. You can scribble a couple of paragraphs and submit them without even rereading with the same effect. You will get the same mark but will keep your money in your wallet.

The Key Concern: Quality 

That’s where everything begins and ends, including the honest MeowEssay review. When you read an overview, you want to know exactly how good papers and assignments will be. To know this, look at writers’ credentials and on recruiting scheme a company has in place.

You should be able to see writers’ credentials on the site, and you should know if they were additionally trained in intricacies of academic writing.

At, you can see the degree that your writer has and the satisfaction score of his/her customers. That’s important since you know what to expect and how expert your writer is.

In addition, upon recruiting, every writer goes through training in writing, formatting, receives instruction about non-disclosure and confidentiality of work, and only then he or she is allowed to take orders from customers. Now and then, completed essays are checked by the QA department. It is done to ensure that the quality of work of a given writer does not decline and remains on the proper level.

How To Make A Payment And Stay Safe

When you begin a financial transaction on a website, you expect that your data and funds will be safe and sound. We understand your worries, and this is why we checked the payment systems they work with. You can pay via Visa or Mastercard, which means that all transactions are thoroughly protected. In addition, MeowEssay has implemented encryption measures to ensure that everything you write here remains here, without leaks or disclosure, financial data included. So you can pay safely here and get your tasks completed right when you need them.

Legal Guarantees From the Company 

You have the full right to ask: is MeowEssay legit and safe? And we will surely tell you ‘yes,’ they are a legal, accredited company providing various sorts of academic assistance. They offer you a set of guarantees that are legally bounding for their company, and so you are safe on this side as well. 

  • Guarantee of quality – you are entitled to the quality you appreciate
  • Guarantee of confidentiality – your cooperation is 100% discreet
  • Guarantee of zero plagiarism – every task is checked with the help of dedicated software
  • Guarantee of easily accessible support and troubleshooting right when you need it
  • MeowEssay legal Guarantee of moneyback – get a refund if you are not happy with the work at all

How to Make an Order – Is It Troublesome?

Not at all. We know how stressed out you are amidst your studies, and so we do not want to confuse you even more. The whole process is streamlined as much as possible, and you will find prompts want to do along the way.

At you see the convenient fill-in form, fill it with details of your paper, attach files that you have, and proceed to payment.

Yes, you pay upfront, but your money pends in the escrow account, a writer, cannot access it yet.

The team assigns the most suitable writer for the task you need, and the work begins.

If you have any questions or troubles, you can contact the support team and get assistance ASAP.

When the task is completed, you receive a notification to your email box. You can read the assignment in your account, and if you are happy with it, you approve it, and the money goes to the writer. Now you are free to use the paper as you wish.

Looking at Online Reputation

If you google the company, you will see that people are mostly happy with their experience with it. They get what they ordered, with all instructions followed and details being taken into consideration. You can browse major sites that provide reviews and honest feedback on services, and you will find the consistently positive profile of MeowEssay. That’s quite a big thing today.

Final Pros and Cons Comparison

To sum it all up and help you make a decision faster, we will put everything into a few points for comparison.


  • high quality of work and carefully selected writers
  • safe payments
  • guarantees of discreetness
  • prices at are average on the market, not excessively high
  • samples of work are available


  • dashboard tasks need to be negotiated every time on individual basis
  • you cannot pick your writer, he/she is assigned by the company

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The Ultimate Verdict

So, is MeowEssay good? We are proud to introduce you a long-standing company with a good reputation. We take significant efforts to ensure that what we did an honest research and this company employ experienced writers and provide safe cooperation.

They do offer writing good-quality papers for you, and you can use them as you deem necessary. These papers become your intellectual property, and you can refashion them or write your own text using the papers as samples, or borrow good passages and incorporate them into your writing. They do what you ask for, and then you fully own what you pay for.

They are legal, safe, and responsible, both their approach and online reputation say so. So you can entrust MeowEssay with whatever task you have at hand with confidence.

FAQ: What You May Need To Know 

They apply all the best standards and practices of encryption and data protection to ensure that what you share here stays here only. Be it your financial data, email, details of tasks, the information is protected and stored securely on dedicated servers.

There are two possible scenarios and two possible answers. If you need to add, say, one more source, or include some additional ideas into the text, but the majority of it remains unchanged, then it is allowed. Just be sure to let the writer know about these changes ASAP.
If you want to change the topic, have it written in a completely different key or restructured because the initial instructions were wrong, then it is not possible. You have to cancel the order and place a new one, with new instructions. 

Yep. Everyone loves freebies (and we are no exception). According to the best practice on the market, you get the title page, bibliography page, table of contents (if necessary) for free. No charges included. Also, follow MeowEssay`s news to see when there are cool discounts so that you could save even more.

MeowEssay writers have college and university degrees, are experienced and versed in sciences they write about. The company checks their credential and provides them with regular training to ensure their skills are sharp all the time. Yet the most important thing is that their customers are consistently happy with papers they get and grades these papers bring them. That’s the true guarantee that their writers are good.

Because they provide you with legal guarantees of good services and ensure that you get the perfect works only. They highly value their reputation and realize how important for your academic success each grade you get is. This is why they invest heavily in writers, and the result is high customer satisfaction.

The answer is yes and no. No, since it is not listed in MeowEssay main menu of works as obligatory service. It is a very particular kind of assistance that cannot be guaranteed in every single case. Yes, because you can contact the support, explain the task, negotiate, and have them find a writer who will do it for you. Then you place an order. So you know for sure that at the given time, a chosen writer logs into your account and completes the tasks.

Yes, they can give them for you to see the quality of writing. Mind that they are posted with permission of customers who ordered them, so nothing was disclosed or posted against their will or even without informing them. Go to the Samples section and read the type of work you are planning to order.

Yes, absolutely. It is pretty reasonable to stick with the same writer whose style matches your way of writing. To do so, look at the MeowEssay ID number of the writer who wrote for you and request the writer with that ID. This number is unique, so it will be easy for the support to find that writer and assign the work to him/her.


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